Some of the activities my dominant
energy flows from are:


I am both a lifestyle dominant as well as a pro-dominant. I believe in being safe, discreet, sensual and real.

My goal is for both of us to create a great D/s experience together. To that end, I only create scenes and fantasies for submissives I enjoy sharing my time and energy with.

I’m not your stereotypical “whips and chains” Domina. If you want a real experience and are attracted to strong sensual women, then I am the right Mistress for you to serve. If you are sincere and honest, then I will be attracted to you and savor your true submission. The only hard limit I stand by is no brutality. If that is what you seek, you should seek elsewhere.

My main focus in on power exchange. I enjoy tapping in to the mental and physical activities that simultaneously make you feel submissive and make myself feel dominant. These activities will connect us, and ensure a great exchange.

If anything I list scares you, do not worry. Together, we will find what makes you feel connected and close to me and does not scare or push you away. I am extremely safe, sane, careful and gradual when I do anything to my submissive.


For first contact, please email me a sincere letter.